Mrs Buckle and Mrs Peach at Heathrow. Happy to be on our way!

After a 6am drive to Heathrow with a very kind Mr and Mrs Negus, we boarded our flight which would take us via Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. The flight was slightly delayed which meant our already short stop-over in Istanbul became slightly panicked, and Mrs Peach and I had a sprint to our next departure gate. We tried, on the way, to appreciate the view of the city that passed us by through the giant Windows of the airport. It looked beautiful with minaret towers punctuating the skyline. It also looked hot!

The second flight to Entebbe (the international airport of Uganda, just outside Kampala – the capital city) took us via Kigali in Rwanda where we picked up more passengers, but did not disembark the plane. Finally, at 4:30am on Saturday morning we arrived! We were met, as agreed, by our good friend and driver extraordinaire -Ronnie. We had travelled for over 23 hours, but we still had a 7 hour journey ahead of us before we could join the Rest of the Twinning Project team at Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda.

Drive on Ronnie!