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Representatives from Clanfield Junior School are, for the third time, heading to Africa to visit our twinned school at Bukorwe in Uganda. Some members of the team, such as Head Ranger Steve Peach and Rangers Jan and Joe, have already arrived at the Mweya Peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National Park, and we will be joining them this coming Saturday (22nd July). We have a rest day (after the long journey) planned for Sunday, and then a group of twelve teachers and rangers are heading to the south of the park to the Ishasha area where Bukorwe is situated.

We are taking teaching and learning resources for the pupils at Bukorwe so that they might learn more about life at Clanfield School, and life in the UK. We have used some of the money we raised at the Charity Stalls event at the end of June to buy the resources. Children across Clanfield School put forward their ideas about what these things should be.
They include:

Maps of Britain
English dictionaries
Typical English games e.g. Monopoly
Examples of CJS exercise books
Fidget Spinners
Jo-Jo bows
Some items of CJS school uniform
Tea bags
Rich Tea and Digestive biscuits
Items of stationery
Balls, skipping ropes, Frisbees etc.

We have also received donations of some of these items from members of staff. Thank-you everyone!