Working at Bukorwe

On our second day at Bukorwe we wanted to do so many things! I had already spoken to teachers Vicent and Christine about some of the activities that we had been preparing at Clanfield. For example, the ‘Wants and Needs’ PSHE activity that Years 3, 4 and 5 had done, and the work on environmental problems that Year 3 had done. In the end there wasn’t quite enough time to do everything, so Mrs Peach and I decided it was best to have a question and answer session with P7 and a talk to them to explain some of the things we had brought.

Amy and Jan also joined us for the session with all of the P7 class, plus a few other interested children who shyly peered in through the classroom windows from outside. Who were these strange ‘muzungu’ teachers? (Muzungu is the Ugandan word for ‘white person’.) I began by explaining that the children from Clanfield Junior School sent their greetings, and that we continue to think of them and learn about Uganda at our school. Fortunately I had Vicent to ‘translate’ because although they do have their lessons in English, an English accent (from England) is difficult for some of the children to understand. I explained that we are planning to celebrate an ‘Africa Day’ in the next school year, where we will learn about the geography, landscape, wildlife, customs and traditions of Uganda in particular. In return, we hoped that they might celebrate a ‘UK Day’ where they can learn the same about us, and the things that we had brought, we hoped would help them to do that.

We strung up the Union Jack bunting around the room, we showed them how to play the games, we talked about fidget spinners and let some of the children have a go, and we all looked at the pictures that had been prepared showing different aspects of life in Britain. The P7 children were very interested and asked lots of questions. They were particularly interested to see that some of our British sports men and women are black, and they asked their names. They asked about Mo Farah, because they wanted to know how he compared to the Ugandan runner Kiprotich.

We finished with an explanation of how the Flag of the United Kingdom is made up of the cross of St George, together with the crosses of St Andrew and St Patrick, and I was able to draw each separate flag on their blackboard with chalk.